First Post – Free Marketing and Clinic Growth Materials from Steadfast Clinics.

The Steadfast Blog was born today to share ideas and insights for clinics wishing to do more for their patients … and their own clinics.

Like all things, there will be an evolution of articles and materials on this blog and we hope this will help you.

In the meantime, here is a question: As a clinic owner, what is the number 1 thing which would make your life easier or better?

We have a number of free  resources ready to help you including:

ASSOCIATE APATHY: How to help associates promote the clinic so that it benefits the associate and the clinic  (if you are an associate at a clinic, you definitelty should read this as it will help you.)

CLINIC MARKETING: the 12 x 12 Clinic Marketing Map shows you how to construct a marketing mix in a systemised manner.  This is the complete mix of short term tactics and how they contribute to a long term strategy.

HOW TO GET REFERRALS:  Most clinics want to get GP or consultant referrals but give up.  This document explains why most tactics fail and what you need to do tactically as part of a strategy, to make you the go-to clinic.

MARKETING TIPS: The idea that your website alone and word of mouth will take your next clinic to a higher level may be true, it just depends how long you have to wait!  Start taking care of the detail and get some marketing tips and clinic management to get your clinic to the higher level … before the next Millenium!

We have plenty more too!  Simply go to now, tell us what you need and we will give you something of true value or complete the form below.

Good luck!


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