Clinic Marketing At Christmas – what you can be doing now to grow your practice in 2013

We have just booked our office Christmas party, wow that was painful! 

In many ways the decision-making process we used to plan our Christmas party is like a back pain sufferer’s decision as to where they should go to get help and treatment.

There are five ways we can choose our Christmas party location or a clinic for our back pain:

1/ Somewhere we have been to before
2/ Somewhere which is recommended to us by someone who has been before
3/ Somewhere we have heard of or somehow know about
4/ Somewhere, someone we know has heard of or somehow knows about
5/ A place nobody knows about and we go looking to ‘find’ 

Our Christmas party location search process went like this:

First, various names of locations were presented and discussed.  After the rejections, a new Chinese Party Restaurant nobody could remember the name of began to get favourable comments.

From the location and description I then remembered I had seen it advertised in a free local town A5 magazine … which I had put in my recycling box just the previous day!

I dug it out, got the number and rang.  Sadly it was fully booked, (no Karaoke for us – phew!)

Eventually, after digging up various location names and finding websites through Google and evaluating what they were like from the look of their website, we settled on our choice, phoned and booked.

IMPORTANT – One place we called went straight to answer phone. Given concerns about actually getting in on the date we wanted (needed!), we didn’t bother leaving a message and carried on until we got somewhere which could accommodate us.

This same thing happens with prospective patients who are taking action to get help but can’t talk to anyone, they go to the next clinic.


Applying this example to clinic marketing, word of mouth (1 & 2) is often the default clinic marketing strategy, which neglects 3,4 or 5 leaving prospective patients to go elsewhere.

It goes without saying that your website needs to be findable and inviting for prospective patients.

Working with IDD Therapy providers, we stress the importance of groundwork marketing, i.e. laying the foundations of awareness consistently for tomorrow’s patients to know (like and trust) you.


I got a great example of one way to do this the other week when I got a flyer through my letter box from an estate agent.  Big and bold, it explained that if I was selling my house in 2013, they would be the best people to help me.

It wasn’t a “buy now or regret for the rest of your life” message.  It just planted the awareness seed.


It costs so little to print a couple of thousand A5 leaflets (see  Between Christmas and New Year, your clinic will be quiet and most people will be at home, bored.

Having piled on the pounds through over-eating, why not use the time productively. Put on your trainers and work off some turkey by delivering leaflets to let people in your community know that you are the Go-To clinic in the event that at some point in the future, they need some clinician services.  Plant that seed.

Importantly for you, unlike estate agents and pizza companies who compete with one another, you will have an open field and no competing voices (just see how many such messages you get from your competitors over the break. Any?).

If you don’t want to do it yourself, as a guide, my local leaflet delivery company in Bishops Stortford charges £45 per thousand leaflets.  Don’t just wait for the phone to ring in January, be proactive now.

If you would like a map of how you can market your clinic consistently in 2013, request a free copy of our 12 x 12 marketing report and map using the form below.  It’s short and sweet and you can read it over the break.

Enjoy your Christmas party!

Posted By: Stephen Small

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