Is your waiting room reading an after-thought? What last year’s gossip magazines say about you.

Mens healthTwo contrasting clinic visits last week.  One, bright, newly painted and the other, tired and dull.

One, nice selection of current magazines, the other; copies of last year’s celebrity gossip magazines.

Like a restaurant where the experience is not just about the food, in a clinic patients are looking at the details.

It is not that the choice of reading material affects the treatment, but poor reading material detracts from the experience and reflects badly on the clinic.

For £25 a year why not get a subscription to a magazine, like Mens Health.  Or, use a service like where you can get 8 magazines delivered every month at 50% cover price.

I also notice the type of soap in the toilet, for an extra 50p or £1, give patients something a little luxurious!  It all reinforces the impression a patient gets from you.

Regarding the two clinics – guess which one was busier … no surprises!

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