The SDS SPINA is the fastest-growing IDD Therapy-licensed spinal decompression device in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Distributed exclusively by Steadfast Clinics the SDS SPINA is transforming the lives of patients suffering with unresolved herniated discs and related conditions such as sciatica.

This CE and FDA cleared Class II medical device provides the latest technological advances in non-surgical spinal care enabling clinicians to safely distract and mobilise targeted spinal segments (from 5-7mm) in a longitudinal plane.

What the SDS SPINA can do for your chronic disc patients?

* Distracts targeted spinal segments safely and precisely

* Proven to open intervertebral disc space from between 5 and 7mm
* Unique oscillation feature mobilises joint at point of maximum distraction
* Sinusoidal waveform instead of linear traction pull reduces risk of spasm
* Computer-controlled slow and consistent stretch
* Patient data tracking plus Oswestry Disability Index & Visual Analogue Scale
* Advanced ergonomic harnesses for patient safety and comfort
* Machine tilts to allow comfortable upright boarding

Evidence-Based-Medicine Driven Software

The SDS SPINA has the latest touch screen controlled software which includes a unique in-built Oswestry Disability Index, Visual Analogue Scale and multi variable patient data.  See what sets IDD apart in this short demo of the software.

Do more for patients and grow your clinic with SDS SPINA.

If you are seeking to do more for your existing patients and have ambitions to become a first choice centre of excellence for spinal care, the IDD Therapy licenced SDS SPINA can raise your clinic to the next level.

For an IDD Therapy Clinician Information pack, you can request details below.

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