Thermedic is the leading brand of FAR infrared therapeutic products for joint pain relief and injury rehabilitation.

At first glance Thermedic might look like other leading brands of joint support, but in fact, this exciting new therapy line gives pain sufferers and sports men and women a new opportunity to enjoy natural pain relief and help with injury rehabilitation.

Each 3 in 1 Thermedic unit provides support and compression as well as cold therapy and FAR infrared heat therapy (which has both thermal and non-thermal benefits).

Thermedic is the superior tool for pain relief and injury rehabilitation.

Advanced FAR Infrared Therapy

The thermal images of different Thermedic models and shows the advanced infrared heat produced to soothe away pain and aid rehabilitation.

Unlike standard heating products, in each Thermedic, an advanced carbon fibre fabric emits FAR infrared, delivering deep penetrating heat into joints and soft tissues and is managed by an easy to use, 3 setting temperature control unit.


Thermedic is safe and easy to control and each model is ergonomically designed to be flexible and get heat where it is needed. Thermedic promotes vasodilation and has been measured to increase the volume of blood flow by over 200% and the rate of blood flow by 89%, without over heating the surface of the skin.


Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy)

In addition each Thermedic has an interchangeable flexible cold pack insert, housed in a protective mesh. This is suitable for acute injuries and pain or where there is inflammation.

Compression & Support

Not all joint supports are equal. Thermedic is an ergonomic joint support in its own right. Premium neoprene is used to support the joint and varying degrees of compression can be applied using the velcro fastenings.

A protective fabric mesh enables the supports to house either the infrared element or cold pack, making Thermedic ideally suited for fuss-free interchangeable hot and cold therapy. This is a unique capability which no other product provides.


Benefits of Thermedic

– Helps relieve muscle soreness and pain
– Deep penetrating heat gets into muscles and joints to increase blood flow
– Unique carbon fabric (“cabric”) element emits FAR infrared
– Heats up for immediate benefit, will not burn
– Three easy to control temperature settings, suitable for continued heat
– Mouldable cold pack insert for acute pain and inflammation
– Protective mesh acts as a barrier to guard against ice burns
– Breathable and ergonomic brace secures infrared element or cold pack
– 30 minute auto shut off safety device
– One size fits all

Thermedic is available for Knee, Lower Back, Ankle, Elbow, Thigh (hamstring) and Shoulder.

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